Kevin C. Wong

GURPS WWII (2012) [/]

GURPS WWII was a standalone product line for GURPS 3E. The main rulebook contains a copy of the 32-page GURPS Lite, tuned a bit for WWII, as an appendix.


  1. The World at War - History of WWII
  2. The Combatants - Overview of the major combatant armed forces
  3. Characters - Notes and addenda to GURPS Lite (and full GURPS should you use it) + character templates
  4. The Armoury - Personal gear shopping list, small arms, a selection of vehicles
  5. WWII Vehicles - A vehicle design system based on GURPS Vehicles
  6. Move Out! - Running a WWII RPG campaign
  7. GURPS Lite for WWII

The main rulebook concentrates on Great Britain, United States, Soviet Union, Germany and Japan, though Germany, Great Britain and USA get their own full 128-page supplements. Characters chapter includes 14 templates from Rifleman to Resistance Fighter with customizations notes. Similarly small arms section has a good selection of weapons and the notes list variants and how their stats differ from the base design.

I haven't read GURPS Vehicles but chapter 5 presents a vehicle design system that is fairly familiar to other systems including SJG's Car Wars. You have a frame which gives you space and then you put in modules until you fill up all the space. Then calculate ratings for acceleration, deceleration, top speed, maneuver rating. The system is mostly capable of designing any WWII ground, air or naval vehicle. The Armoury chapter helps as the vehicles there have notes on how they were designed using the vehicle design system.

Overall it's a basic one-book WWII RPG contain enough info to get started (and really from what I've read so far of the German supplement, you don't really need them unless you want a very detailed WWII campaign). I don't really like having GURPS Lite as an appendix instead of integrating it into the main text a la Discworld RPG though it does save editing work, but it's not a deal-breaker and I guess some people would appreciate having all the character generation, combat and doing stuff rules in one section.