Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 11/06/20

Computer Game - Overwatch (2016) [-] This is my impression from watching people play a bit... Overwatch is a 6 vs 6 fps shooter. Each player on the same team chooses a different character and the characters are substantially different from each other. Then you go kill the other team, when you die you respawn, and I think you're trying to control areas... I don't think I like this game. It's way too fast and twitchy compared to Fortnite or Valorant. Although it's a team game you can't really orally coordinate because of the speed -- at best you each know your roles and proclivities and coordinate by feel. Overall I feel it's too vast for me as a viewer to enjoy.

Website - Daring Fireball [+] Macintosh enthusiast John Gruber's web site. The feed is mostly Apple stuff and mostly reposts with some additional comments. He has some pretty good takes on various Apple design or strategy decisions and I find his product reviews are different from the typical magazine review format. This is one I check every day.

Podcast - 49ers Talk with Matt Maiocco and Laura Britt (2016) [/] This was originally The 49ers Insider with Matt Maiocco and over the years he's had many guest cohosts and currently has Laura Britt as regular cohost. Matt is a reporter covering the 49ers so he has a lot of contacts and he gets interviews and inside information, though I get it also means he doesn't get too critical about the organization and players. Still, I find it mostly interesting.