Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 11/13/20

I had a craving for french fries so bought three different Ore-Ida fries and ate them over the week.

Ore-Ida Golden Crinkles [+] Ore-Ida oven-baked fries come out pretty good I think they have better (or maybe just more) grease than other frozen fries. Their crinkle cut fries are probably the best, not necessarily extremely crispy but fairly close.

Ore-Ida Golden French Fries [/] These normal fries are not as tasty as the golden crinkles. Maybe a little bit smaller pieces so easier to overcook. Also harder to pick up thousand isle sauce with these fries.

Ore-Ida ini Tater Tots [-] Unfortunately a bit of a fail. Too small to get that good tater tot insides. But also didn't taste right (which is weird because I think all the Ore-Ida stuff is made the same way just different shapes) and because they're small they cool off fast.