Kevin C. Wong

Twitch - Favorite Channels

I've decided to concentrate on five channels because I'm spending too much time on Twitch. All the below are American streamers so in general I can catch all their streams and not get notifications at 0300 in the morning.

BotezLive [+] - My first regularly followed channel. Sisters Alexandra and Andrea Botez play chess and other games. Often troll each other and set up impossible bets. Woman FIDE Master Alexandra is the older and more mature on while Andrea brings a loud voice, constant energy, and a certain charming obliviousness to what's happening on the computer. The Botez sisters recently signed with Envy, an e-sports org, I assume as content creators rather than players.

akaNemsko [+] - Woman Grandmaster Qiyu "Nemo" Zhou was part of BotezLive for a couple of months but she was too popular so branched out to her own channel and is one of the newest stars in the chess category. She streams chess and League of Legends mostly though also players other games (not Among Us because she's an inexpert lier). Has a good rapport with chat and streams almost every day for 6+ hours. Became the first chess streamer to sign with an org and is a content creator for Counter Logic Gaming.

JoeBruin [/] - Joe Lee is a recent graduate of UCLA and is trying to get into medical school (MCAT exams were kind of shut down during COVID-19). He's an expert level chess player, self-taught, and is very good at going over people's games and guessing at what they were thinking at various points so it's quite educational. Joe streams mostly chess but also Fortnite, Valorant, Among Us and other games. He used to have two turtles on cam but set them free to live at the UCLA botanical gardens.

Neeko [/] - Nicole was a fairly small streamer until one of her Tiktoks was posted on Twitter and it went viral. I remember watching that first stream after and constant people following her channel. She's more of a Just Chatting streamer that plays games. She's a content creator for 100 Thieves and does a lot of sponsored streams and charity streams. She's Mexican-American (from California's central valley) and keeps her channel Spanish-friendly, often repeating what she says so people of both languages understand.

Zefcatt [/] - Sara Herman is a chess streamer though also plays other games like Among Us with chat. Her chat is a bit more teenage KEKW than the others. She also has a sibling that started streaming a bit and is often in Sara's chat. Sara plays on unlike the four previous streamers though she will do puzzles and puzzle battles.