Kevin C. Wong

Glorious Model O Wireless Mouse [/]

I very occasionally need a two-button mouse for gaming and other activities and the Apple Magic Mouse is horrible at that so I bought a Glorious Model O Wireless because I had a 20% discount (which covers shipping and a bit more).

This is a 5-button gaming mouse with programmable LED lights. It's very light (lighter than my Magic Mouse) and has really high DPI (19k programmable which I guess is simulated). It comes with a special USB cable with fabric coating so it's really flexible and less impediment if you're using the mouse in wired mode. You can disconnect the mouse and plug-in the wireless adapter. It's kind of neat that for wireless it doesn't use USB but regular WIFI and the mouse and adapter are already paired. To a PC it still looks like a regular USB-connected mouse.

This is a right-handed mouse with two thumb buttons on the side. The other buttons are standard left, right, and scroll wheel/button. The Magic Mouse is small and comfortable in my apparently small hand. The Model O is a bit too big and for now it's uncomfortable after a few hours. I guess another thing is the scroll wheel seems a bit stiffer than I'd like, or maybe it's a bit too big.

Batter lasts about a day I think, maybe 10 hours of continuous use. Maybe longer if you turn off the lights. In general I get into the habit of turning off the mouse when not in use and using the Magic Mouse which last days of continuous use.

The biggest drawback is the PC-only configuration software. I tried to use CrossOver but it doesn't install and I thought I had a chance since communication to mouse is via USB. As such I can't program the buttons (the thumb buttons default to left button) and the lights cycle in default mode which is still nice. I guess I can try my VMWare but I really don't want to use it.

Overall it's an ok mouse for me. I wish the software worked on Mac otherwise I can live with the hardware drawbacks that are not quite right for me.