Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 02/05/21

Food - Trader Joe's Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings [/] This is $3 for a package of 6 Xiao Long Bao which you microwave for 2 minutes and ready to eat. It's a dumpling with a bit of soup inside. It is salty and not as good as restaurant cooked but still fairly good considering it's a frozen food.

Movie - Mine (2016) [-] After a failed mission in the desert a Marine sniper (Armie Hammer) and his spotter (Tom Cullen) are caught in a minefield that kills the spotter and leaves the sniper stranded standing on a live mine. As he waits 2-1/2 days for a rescue the sniper has to battle the elements, dog attacks, hallucinations and a climactic firefight... I watched the first bit then started skipping forward through the rest of the movie because it's pretty boring. Cinematography is good and the acting is fine and the plot is ok but it just didn't stick with me.

macOS Utility - Get-It [-] Looking for an alternative youtube-dl UI. This one is Mac-only with a minimal interface. It uses homebrew to install dependent libraries but you click the button and it says "please wait..." and a few minutes later it's done and the download functionality doesn't seem to work. I guess maybe it's optimistic to think a simple UI in front half a dozen utilities is going to work flawlessly... Following the Readme instructions for installing the utilities using CLI seems to work, though once again if something goes wrong it's not apparent what it is and you have to look at a log file.