Kevin C. Wong

Apple USB SuperDrive [+]

I bought the Twilight 2013 CDROM and had the occasion to take out my Apple USB SuperDrive and plug it in. I bought it at the end of 2016 and rarely use it but it works fine. Mostly I copy CDROM contents to my computer or rip DVDs (not CDs, I haven't bought a CD since way before that). Still works with macOS Catalina and I assume will work with Big Sur.

It works fine with my USB-C MBP with an Apple USB-C to USB-A adapter. Apparently uses too much power for plugging into the USB hub of my Dell 27" monitor (you get a warning saying it needs to be plugged directly because it needs more power).

This is really a relic technology and it's good that it's not built-in to Mac portables. As I said I don't buy music CDs anymore and DVDs rarely. Never got into Blue-Ray and now you can get 4K movies online so I'm glad I never got the Blue-Ray bandwagon. I really expect the SuperDrive to last forever considering how little I use it.