Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 02/12/21

Movie - Homefront (2013) [/] Action movie. Former DEA agent Phil Broker (Jason Sthatham) retires to a private identity back in his Louisiana hometown and becomes entangled with drug dealer Gator Bodine (James Franco) after his daughter and Bodine's nephew get into a schoolyard fight. It's entertaining enough.

Food - Rice-A-Roni Beef Flavor [/] Beef-flavored foods are usually a bit not-quite-there but taste fine if you don't compare with, say, freshly cooked ground beef. This is no different. Tastes ok but I could use a beef-flavored Ramen packet and it would taste very close. And I guess if you are already eating this with beef why do you need beef-flavored rice since actual beef will flavor it?

Website - Urban Dictionary [/] I moderate a busy Twitch channel and Urban Dictionary is one of the websites I use to look up unfamiliar terms. It's very hit and miss because it's crowdsourced and the crowd is not above meme-ing a bad definition to the top. Still, I have found many obscure insult there but I don't use it as my only source.