Kevin C. Wong

Three Peanuts

The Peanut Shop - Handcooked Virginia Peanuts [+] I bought a 32-oz can of these at Trader Joe's for $10 or $15 a couple years ago. Maybe the best peanuts I've ever had. In fact there's a 20% sale for peanut month so I think I'll buy a couple of cans...

Planters Redskin Spanish Peanuts [+] I love roasted redskin peanuts. The skin is a crackly salty treat. Planters I'm not all that enthused about some of their peanuts but this one is really good.

Signature Farms Roasted Peanuts with Sea Salt [-] Safeway house brand roasted peanuts. I'd say barely roasted and salted (though the latter is fine with me). You get what you pay for.