Kevin C. Wong

Movie - Apollo 18 (2011) [+]

Apollo 18 is a horror found footage film about a secret Lunar mission. Captain Ben Anderson (Warren Christie) and Commander Nate Walker (Lloyd Owen) land on the moon to setup a new radar but their mission is beset by weird gremlins. Then they find a Russian lunar module from a heretofore unknown mission and later the body of the cosmonaut. The two come to realize that DoD is using them as bait because there is something else on the Moon stalking them...

It's a very low budget film but it's recreating mid 1970's film footage so it actually looks very good. It takes a long time for the monsters to show up but there are little hints and quick skitterrings that run past the camera lens. I think it gets pretty scary in a way that Blair Witch Project kind of did without the nausea (even the moving cameras are strapped on space suits so they don't move around wildly).

Overall I'm impressed with the film and it's suitably scary.