Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 02/26/21

Trader Joe's Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates [/] It's sort of like a very thin pizza with brie cheese and tomatoes. Tastes fine but not as crunchy as it could have been. It says cook at 450 degrees which is the max on my toaster oven. Probably should have used the main oven, though way overkill for a 1-person pizza.

Web Site - Becoming Betty [/] Brenda's blog about Trader Joe's products. It's fairly professional and not affiliated with TJs. I think the reviews are fuller and more positive (i.e. she doesn't feel the need to find a drawback in every product) than other sites.

Documentary Series - Earth At Night In Color (2020) [/] This is a 6-episode half hour nature series narrated by Tom Hiddleston. The big thing is that they use high res night vision cameras and with post-processing you get night, starlit scenes that look like, not full daylight but like an overcast day. Each episode focuses on one nocturnal animal (or insect or bird) and they're pretty well done.