Kevin C. Wong

iOS Game - Missile Command: Recharged (2020) [+]

Missile Command: Recharged is an official Missile Command retro-clone adding power-ups. You have three anti-missile launchers and are shooting down enemy missiles as they rain down trying to destroy your six cities. Unlike the original you don't have a set number of anti-missiles, instead each launcher has a recharge timer before it can launch another anti-missile. Also if a launcher is destroyed it will start to be rebuilt after a pause and complete a few seconds later.


  • Normal missile
  • Small fast missile
  • Big slow missile that splits into multiple missiles
  • Smart missile that can move a bit left and right to avoid anti-missile explosions
  • Horizontally moving boxcars that launch missiles and smart missiles

Power-Ups - move horizontally, changing type every few seconds. Once you shoot one it activates and lasts for a few seconds (shield lasts longer but still fairly short)

  • Bomb which is a very large explosion that almost covers the playing area from side to side
  • Chain which is like a drone that goes around destroying enemies
  • Fast makes your anti-missiles almost instantly move to the target point and explode
  • Homing which makes your anti-missiles target nearest enemy
  • Rebuild which triggers rebuild of all launchers (but also means you can't launch anything for a few seconds)
  • Shield which adds an overhead shield over your cities
  • Time stop which freezes all bad guys for a few seconds

Graphics are vector-style and a bit more abstract than the original. Sounds effects and background music are well done. Gameplay is pretty smooth and great since you just tap to shoot an anti-missile to that spot.

Like the arcade game this version doesn't have variants. You're pretty much just playing it over and over trying to bet your high score. It is free and you can play about three to six games per day ($3 for infinite coins). It's a really enjoyable old-school arcade game.