Kevin C. Wong

Apple Arcade - Speed Demons (2019) [/]

Speed Demons is an overhead-view arcade highway racing game with controller support. You drive generic sort of cars that can be upgraded for speed and handling. There are several different race types spanning 150 levels.

  • Checkpoint - pass the five checkpoints before your timer runs out.
  • Race - race against 31 other cars.
  • Pursuit - chase and knock out other racers.
  • Rally - try to pass as many other racers as possible.
  • Rampage - destroy every vehicle you can, civilian or racers.
  • Escape - drive away from a pack of blue police cars trying to ram you off the road.
  • Slalom - race while passing flags, missing a flag is a time penalty.

And there are other race types.

There is lots of traffic which are various white vehicles. Other racers are red so easy to pick out. But you are also red with a different shade and occasionally you might lose track of your car in a pack of red.

Control with my XBox controller was fairly good. You just have turn left and right with the stick (a bit too sensitive for me) and a brake button.

It's a somewhat entertaining game, perhaps a bit too arcade-y for me.