Kevin C. Wong

Trade Paperback - The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine (2018) [+]

The Uncertainty Machine is a four issue limited series comic book published by Titan Comics. MI5 agent Breen goes rogue and ends up in The Village because he has a vital secret that Number One wants (in this story it's more clear that The Village and the people that run it are not aligned with any government). But in reality Breen is here to find MI5 agent Carey and either rescue his former lover or silence her before she can give up her secrets...

For a four-issue series there are quite a few twists and turns and as is rightly for The Prisoner it's hard to tell who Breen can trust or even if the reader knows what Breen is really up to. The ending is rather interesting as we get to see Number One, the man behind the curtain and it's a bit of a surprise and yet very Prisoner. Overall a pretty good story.