Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 11/19/21

Trader Joe's Alaskan Sockeye Salmon [-] This is previously frozen wild salmon. Wild salmon has less fat than farm raised. Frozen further degrades it. The result is dry and a bit rough textured salmon if I just bake it like I normally do. This salmon is better for frying.

Movie - Mortal Kombat (2021) [/] Below average MMA fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan) turns out to be the last descendant of a legendary ninja and the last hope of saving Earth from the dark forces of Shang Tsung (Chin Han). To do that he must compete and win the Mortal Kombat tournament with his new allies Sonya Blade (Jessica McNamee), Liu Kang (Ludi Lin), Kung Lao (Max Huang) and Jackson Briggs (Mehcad Brooks)... Not a bad reboot of Mortal Kombat. A bit more serious though still a bit cheesy at times.

Movie - Tag (2018) [-] A group of childhood friends have stayed friends for 20+ years by playing a yearly no-holds-barred game of tag. Now tag master Jerry (Jeremy Renner) is getting married and his four friends think they finally have a chance to tag him. The rest of the film is a bunch of guy hijinks and finally learning that the fun is in the playing not necessarily the winning... It's an ok film but not really my type of story.

Anime - Food Wars #1.01 to #1.04 (2015) [-] Extremely talented teen chef Soma Yukihira (Blake Shepard) is sent to the most prestigious chef academy where his low-class upbringing and brash manners clash with the mostly upper-class students... Interesting how the actions scenes are all about meal preparations but after four episodes I can't stand the main character.