Kevin C. Wong

TV Series - Krypton (2018) [/]

Krypton was a 2-season series on Syfy. The series is based on DC Comics Superman history and is set a couple of generations in the past. Krypton is an advanced-technology but dying world, composed of city-states enclosed in force fields to protect them from the environment (we only see the city of Kandor though I had the impression other cities were also in danger from the environment).

In Kandor the elites rule over the plebs. Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and his family used to be in the elites until his family was disgraced and now he and his parents live among the poor masses. But things start to change when a mysterious stranger from the future, Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), from Earth shows up with a mission to save Seg, who turns out to be Kal-El's (aka Superman) grandfather.

This is a sort of a political/action/romance series. Seg is adopted into a noble family after he saves the city ruler. There is a bit of love triangle between Seg, army guild captain Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) and his new family's rising star Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day). Seg also has to save Kandor from Braniac (Blake Ritson) who is supposed to bottle Kandor city and there's also General Zod (Colin Salmon) from the future here to save Kandor and also take over Krypton...

I remember seeing the description of this series and not being interested mostly because it's not a super-hero show. But the 20 episodes are fairly interesting though wouldn't have been a top show for me. It's cool seeing characters like Zod and Brainiac. Lobo (Emmet J Scanlan) guest stars in season 2 and we also get Doomsday (Staz Nair pre-Doomsday, though Doomsday itself is CGI) as a plot device in season 1 and appearing in season 2.