Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 11/26/21

Signature Farms Apple Cider With Honey Crisp [/] This is the Safeway house brand apple cider. Last year my local Safeway was selling an Apply Cider from a local farm (I think) and this year it's the same packaging and selling location but now Signature. Could be my imagination but Signature's version is not quite as good (and it feels thinner) even though it is also 100% apples but I guess it's a difference of what type of apples are in the blend.

Movie - The Marksman (2021) [-] A widower rancher on the Arizona-Mexico border rescues a girl wanted by the Cartels and decides to help her get to relatives in Chicago while avoiding a Cartel enforcer and INS. Liam Neeson plays the protagonist with one special skill -- he's a former Marine sniper and served in Vietnam... Kind of a dull film actually.

HBO Series - John Adams #1.01 (2008) [+] HBO miniseries about America's second President, John Adams. Each episode covers a few years time, the first episode being the years before the Declaration of Independence where Adams was a just lawyer who strongly believed in equal fairness under law, a belief that starts putting him at odds with the British home government as it starts to change the laws to its favor... It looks like an excellent series. Unfortunately watching on Xfinity app episode two is unwatchable (basically a slide show with audio) so I stopped.