Kevin C. Wong

iOS App - CARROT Weather [/]

CARROT Weather is I think the first CARROT app produced. It's a weather app as you'd expect if you use other CARROT apps it adds a snarky computer that gives you trivia or says weird things.

For the weather stuff it gives you hourly temperature and precipitation indicator out to a week. Estimated precipitation, sunrise/sunset, phase of the moon, wind and visibility. There's a little animated picture of the current weather conditions. Every time you open the app CARROT tells you some fact or directive (for example, on Christmas Eve she said the James Webb telescope is actually a laser for shooting down Santa Claus).

There is a mission pane where you get a clue then have to find the location on a zoomable map. For example the second mission (for me) is "find the last surviving wonder of the ancient world". So I guess it's a bit of a game.

The app is free with ads. Premium is $5 per month or $20 per year and it unlocks weather map, getting weather data from additional sources and notifications. There is also Premium Ultra for $10 per month or $40 per year and you get tide data, lightning strikes and storm cell notifications. Premium also turns off the banner ad at the bottom of the app (though it's kind of entertaining as half the ads are humorous fictional ads).

CARROT Weather does fine as a weather app. The built-in Weather app seems to do about the same as Premium though CARROT Weather can give more information in Premium Ultra. Overall it's an ok app that has an unusual snarky robot theme and fits in with other CARROT apps.