Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 12/31/21

  • 49ers Rush Podcast with John Chapman (2017) [/] High school coach John Chapman talks about the 49ers using a film-based approach which complements The Better Rivals Podcast. While the latter is more focused on PFF stats John needs to see the film and puts less focus on raw PFF stats and for the most part he is more upbeat about how John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan run the organization (Better Rivals is much more everything should be focused on passing because expected value is much higher than with a running game). I find this an interesting podcast.
  • Anime - Eden (2021) [/] A four-episode half-hour anime on Netflix. In the distant future the Earth is recovering from ecological disaster and only robots are around running a farm. But when two robots discover a "dangerous" human baby they decide to hide her and raise her as their own... It's an ok story about movie-length
  • iOS Game - Democratic Socialism Simulator (2020) [/] Card-based scenarios game where each turn you get a card with something going on in your social democratic government then get a couple of choices for or against. Choices adjust your likability with various constituents (you can preview effects before making your choice and you can tap on each voter to see what they like and dislike). Choices also affect funding, people power and greenhouse gas emissions. Increase people power, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, don't go bankrupt and get re-elected so you have time to achieve your goals. It's a cute game.