Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 01/07/22

Movie - Red Notice (2021) [-] This is a big-budget ($200M) action film released on Netflix. Stars Dwayne Johnson as an FBI Special Agent forced to team up with an international art thief played by Ryan Reynolds as they go after the mastermind that set them up (Gal Gadot). Good star power but it's so bad, like National Treasure bad which means it can be entertaining to a certain crowd.

Bunnies & Burrows: The Garden Raid (2018) [-] This is an 8-page introductory adventure (really four pages of text and one page of counters) for Bunnies & Burrows 3E RPG. It's a 7-scene adventure, each scene having an introduction to read to players then a paragraph or two for the GM. Most of the scenes uses mini-games in the main B&B rulebook so the adventure information isn't as scant as it seems. For $10 print/$8 pdf it's kind of expensive and the adventure is very simple and GM advice is pretty low. Of the four B&B published adventures this is the weakest and really should have been included in the main rulebook -- would have been three pages and the counters are already in the rulebook. Maybe this was created to fluff up the Kickstarter.

iOS Game - Little Big Snake [-] I previously wrote about Little Big Snake the web app. Little Big Snake on iOS is kind of boring. I think it must be a separate user base and there are few iOS players. On desktop it's a fairly sweaty game. On iOS it's very leisure and I must be facing mostly bots. I can even leave my snake alone and let it go to autopilot mode and it seems to run fairly well. Looks nice but it's not entertaining.