Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 01/14/22

Apple Arcade - Stranded Sails (2019) [-] Age of Sails, stranded on an island. It's a farming, village building, exploration with quests game. I barely played it because it wasn't interesting.

Animated Series - Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness #1.01 (2021) [-] I watched the first episode of this 4-episode Japanese animated series. The animation is like a bunch of console cut-scenes: good and janky at the same time. Also not great that it dives into the story without giving any sort of background for people who haven't been playing Resident Evil. Anyways, zombies attack the White House and a team is sent to China to investigate if they're behind it. Meanwhile the real cause may be in a small African nation recovering from a civil war.

Podcast - AppStories (2017) [/] From the creators of Macstories web site, this is a podcast about iOS apps. There are two hosts and each half hour episode they cover one topic. Some are about app developers and the apps business and some are about iOS and using apps. Kind of runs the range so there is stuff for normal iOS users, for power users and for developers. Overall they have a pleasant style so even though it's not really a topic I'm crazy interested in I will continue listening.