Kevin C. Wong

TV Show - New Girl s1-s2 (2011-2013) [/]

New Girl is a sitcom with four quirky characters:

Jessica (Zooey Deschanel) - a bubbly always positive elementary school teacher, she moves in with three guys in their large apartment.

Nick (Jake Johnson) - well-meaning bartender who's kind of crotchety and ornery.

Schmidt (Max Greenfield) - uptight a-type personality who keeps the apartment clean and organizes great parties.

Winston (Lamorne Morris) - actually even newer than Jessica because he replaced a similar character from the pilot; he's a former pro basketball player (in Eastern Europe) and college friend of Nick and Schmidt, now a bit aimlessly looking for his next thing.

There's also Cece (Hannah Simone), a model and Jessica's best friend.

Each episode there's usually a goal and they work together and at cross-purposes to accomplish it. In season one there's a subplot about Schmidt and Cece hooking up and kind of falling in love which carries over into season two when Cece decides to get married to someone more agreeable to her Indian family.

Conversely there is this tension between Jessica and Nick that eventually is consummated late in season two and it's just bad because Nick is such a disagreeable character. Meanwhile Winston is just sort of there and getting no story love.

It's very funny at times. It's very cringe at times. Ultimately I decided I can do better things with my time.