Kevin C. Wong

iOS Game - Diablo Immortal p2

It's been a couple more weeks of playing Diablo Immortal.

Besides the main plot I mentioned you can do bounty quests. These are mini-missions and you can do eight per day. If you don't do them they carry over until a maximum of 24 you can do in one day. Some of the quests are counted in an area's completion percentage and the quests get you exploring an area. Quests tend to progress to further regions and I've gotten quests for a region before I've done the main plot that gets me to that region.

Sometimes a hidden area opens in a region. If you find it then it's a unique dungeon.

If you just like doing dungeons there is an Elder Rift and a Challenge Rift. The Elder Rift I think gets harder by using these tokens which also means better end treasure. The Challenge Rift you do level by level and it slowly gets harder. Both rifts you can rush through to the end boss and there's a timer so I guess if you kill the boss before the timer ends you get bonus loot. If you don't kill the boss (and you kind of have to rush past monsters to get to the end before the timer runs out) the boss appears nearby.

At a certain level you are invited to join the Shadow Lottery. If you win (there are several lotteries every day and it's like 250 winners per lottery so you win fairly quickly) you can do the Shadow Faction storyline and eventually join the faction. Apparently there are three factions: Adventurers (unaligned), Shadows (which are most clans), and Immortals (one? clan). Every couple of weeks the top Shadows battle the Immortals and if the Shadows win the top Shadow clan becomes the Immortals. Being in Immortals gives you lots of stuff but most likely requires very active players.

For now I've been in Shadows, no clan. You can do Path of Blood which are small combats for Shadow points. Vault runs which are 4-player runs for more Shadow points. And Shadow quests for more Shadow points. Shadow points let you rank up and get more bonuses from being a Shadow. It's something else to do.

There is a subplot about a spirit tree and a rift forming behind it. This leads to a quest that requires 8-players. And once you finish it seems like there will be similar raids.

As you can see besides the main plot there is lots of stuff to do each day.