Kevin C. Wong

Documentary - They Call Me Magic (2022) [/]

They Call Me Magic is a 4-episode documentary about Magic Johnson from his childhood to the present relying on interviews with Magic, his wife, kids, parents and siblings, coaches and teammates. Playing basketball in high school, playing for Michigan one year and getting the NCAA championship, then going to the Lakers and helping (or even mainly) turning the franchise from runner ups to champions, the Dream Team, AIDS and his retirement (and coming back and retiring a couple of times), then moving on to become a business man and developer helping to reinvigorate inner cities.

Even though basketball is a big part of his life there is a whole episode on life after basketball. There is the ongoing relationship with his wife, how they met in college and how he kept committing to marry her then backing off until they finally wed months before he contracted AIDS. There's a lot about growing up and a lot about him personally. I guess it's like two episodes focusing on his NBA career while there are other things going on in his life.

Contrast that with The Last Dance about Michael Jordan. 10 episodes and much more focused on basketball (and I guess understandable since it was produced by ESPN). They Call Me Magic is more about seeing Magic Johnson as human with gifts and a great personality versus seeing Jordan as a mythical figure with flaws. Both are good documentaries in their own ways.

I found They Call Me Magic interesting and worth watching.