Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 06/17/22

Movie - Interceptor (2022) [/] American-Australian action film. In the middle of the Pacific SBX-1 is an Army platform designed to intercept a Russian ICBM attack. When a team of terrorists take over the platform they don't get into the control because of Captain JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky). She and two ratings have to keep the bad guys out for an hour until help arrives... Fairly good action. Bad military realism. Direct-to-video quality CGI. But still kind of entertaining if you don't expect much.

Podcast - Single Malt Strategy (2016) [-] A podcast about computer strategy games, i.e. wargames. Two regular hosts and often a guest. They do like their games though I don't really play computer wargames and most of them are Windows only anyways so I quickly lost interest.

iOS Game - Dyslite (2022) [-] A free-to-play MMO combat game. Collect heroes, level them up, battle bad guys. It's supposed to have good music and interesting mythology but playing on my iPhone it looked so bad, like a bad port.