Kevin C. Wong

Podcast - The Kings Herald Show (2020) [+]

The Sactown Royalty podcast rebranded as the Kings Herald podcast (to go a long with the web site rebranding) in early 2020 and in late 2020 they brought Jerry Reynolds as the regularly featured guest. I guess Reynolds had just retired after spending many years in the Sacramento Kings' organization (maybe even before the move to Sacramento in the early 1980's) so he brings a wealth of Kings' anecdotes as well as his more old school basketball perspective.

This is a bi-weekly show and about an hour long. I like the pace -- I don't need a podcast that covers every game. There are two hosts who do stuff on the Kings Herald web site and they bring an enthusiast's perspective. Occasional they have guests some of them reporters.

I started listening a few months ago and then caught up since Reynolds joined the show so it went from getting kind of negative to where Luke Walton was fired to now positive after a surprising first full season under Mike Brown. The show was entertaining when the Kings were losing and even more entertaining when they're winning (but the former is more important because the Kings lose a lot -- hopefully that will change with Mike Brown).