Kevin C. Wong

Netflix Movie - Heart of Stone (2023) [+]

In Heart of Stone Gal Gadot plays junior MI6 field agent Rachel Stone who has to save her team when the plan goes wrong and it turns out she's a lot more capable than they think because she's actually working for The Charter, an organization of rogue intelligence agents that try to keep the world stable by using The Heart, a quantum AI computer, though Stone is not particularly keen on blindly obeying The Heart's directives because they're too logical and doesn't take human intuition into account.

Anyways turns out there is some enemy after The Heart, one that is somehow keeping one step ahead of The Charter, and they're willing to kill Stone's MI6 team, whom she has gotten a bit attached to...

This must have had a good budget because a good number of outdoor locations, big fights, big car chases and really good CGI. Gadot is fairly charming and capable doing action. The supporting characters are pretty good and the story is James Bond-level gonzo that works (unlike a similar Netflix film she did, Red Notice, which I guess was trying to be more comedic than Heart of Stone).

This is a well done spy thriller movie more on the action side than thriller side and quite entertaining.