Kevin C. Wong

Disney Series - The Mandalorian s3 (2023) [+]

The Mandalorian s3 is eight episodes each half an hour to an hour in length. Season one was really good: first Star Wars drama series on Disney+, really good production, very old western movie feel, and a really cute meme "kid" in Grogu. Season two was still good but maybe a bit same-y though I think adding a cool villain and "mainstream" Mandalorians (because apparently The Mandalorian is part of a small, traditionalist sect). Also Grogu's arc kind of fizzled out in S3 as he found a Jedi teacher (forgot if this was at the end of S1 or beginning of S2) but decided to end his training and return to his "dad".

I like season three because it has a cool central arc: reuniting the Mandalorian sects and reclaiming Mandalore (which turns out is not a devastated wasteland that everyone thought because... secrets!). We still mostly center on The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) though his character changes little throughout the series. Which then makes Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) the central interesting character when she's around (the last half of the season) as she first joins the sect then proves herself and finally becomes leader of the unified Mandalorians.

Arc finished, we kind of reset and end with The Mandalorian and Grogu independent again ready for new adventures.