Kevin C. Wong

Spot Reviews 08/25/23

Apple Arcade - Beyond a Steel Sky (2020) [/] This is a first person cyberpunk adventure game set in the same city as the first game (Beneath a Steel Sky, which is a side-ish view point and click), sort of a grungy city in the middle of a desert. Seems to have lots of story as the two or three people I talked to had lots of dialog choices and lots of voice narration. But at least on my iPad the first person view was a bit nauseating. Maybe better on a Mac with a good graphics card.

Drano Max Gel vs Liquid-Plumr. They both clear clogged sinks (they're both caustic and dissolve organics). Liquid-Plumr is two-part (caustic liquid and a gel to make it stick to sides of drain) and if you get it as one the gel kind of sits towards the bottom. Drano has both mixed and fairly even so easier to pour so I should use it more.

Movie - Jenny's Wedding (2015) [+] Reviewed this six years ago and thought it was really good. Rewatched it and it's still a very food film. This time I paid more attention to how the parents and sister react to how Jenny comes out to them and how their relationships are strained. Good drama without making anybody a bad guy.

Movie - Ghosted (2023) [/] Apple TV+ action/romantic-comedy. Cole Turner (Chris Evans) is taking over his family farm and meets Sadie Rhodes (Ana de Armas) at a farmer's market. They hit it off but then she ghosts him. But he tracks her down to London where he's kidnapped by arms merchants who think he's CIA operative the Taxman. Turns out it's Sadie who comes to the rescue and he has to tag along as she tries to stop the arms merchants from selling a bio-weapon... It's a fairly well executed film but lacks something. Maybe too much CGI, though some of it is done comedically rather than a substitute for practical effects.