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Prospectus Locus

This web page contains materials related to an Ars Magica campaign I played in on Saturday nights with some friends. We started the campaign on March 21, 1998; although that session was only setup. The first actual gaming session was on March 28, 1998. This site just has my stuff. See Links section for the link to the official Prospectus Locus web site.


My main character was Catorse. He was a beginning level of House Guernicus, which are the judges of the Order of Hermes. Catorse himself was not the most neutral and ethical judge, sometimes tending to side a little too much with the covenant.

Catorse – Introductory Background

Playing a mage is not my style. Larissa was a companion level character, a bard-turned-redcap of dubious skills. She's based on the character Leicky from New Cirra, expelled from there to wander the world until she proves herself worthy of returning. I had much more fun playing this character, a good hearted inept young woman with lesbian undertones. The following letters are ones she wrote to the people back in New Cirra.

[19980823] Larissa – June 1, 1216 Letter
[19980828] Larissa – June 20, 1216 Letter
[19980922] Larissa – November 8, 1216 Letter
[19980929] Larissa – October 1, 1217 Letter
[19981006] Larissa – October 2, 1217 Letter
[19981012] Larissa – October 31, 1217 Letter
[19981019] Larissa – December 15, 1217 Letter
[19981026] Larissa – December 18, 1217 Letter
[19981117] Larissa – January 20, 1218 Letter


I ran two adventures. Week 9's "To Rescue a Slinky" was an adventure to New Cirra, when Larissa was still the NPC Leicky. The characters meet The Goddess and are tasked with getting her slinky back from the Giant Lizard (i.e. Godzilla). I used props in this fanciful adventure, including cans of Pepsi and a plastic Godzilla toy. This adventure (with different protagonists) was also done as a series of Cirran Restoration Society skits that I posted on the Hudson Leick Mailing List.

To Rescue a Slinky

The second adventure was Week 33's "Win, Lose, or Pantomine" which I ran at about January 30, 1999. The mages are back in New Cirra to compete in a game show for fabulous prizes! There was no real point to this adventure other than to have some fun.

Win, Lose, or Pantomine


For Week 38's log, written from one of the covenant elder's viewpoint.

[19990320] Fabricarius' Diary (Week 38)

A skit I wrote, showing a secret meeting of our three covenant elders. Mostly written to show that they were not as clueless about our actions as we thought they were..

[19990501] A Meeting of the Elders

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