Kevin C. Wong

Bundle of Holding - Hero Magazines

Hero Magazines bundle offhand seems to be mostly stuff I own in PDF but let's calculate it.

  • Adventurers Club #1-27 (not available, $40 PDF MSRP)
  • Haymaker Archives #1-7 (not available, $50 PDF MSRP) - an Amateur Press Association that ran 67 issues
  • Digital Hero #1-47 ($95 PDF)
  • HERO-001 Champions 1E ($5 PDF)
  • HERO-001 Champions 2E ($5 PDF)
  • HERO-001 Champions 3E ($7.50 PDF)
  • HERO-400 Champions: The Super RPG 4E ($20 PDF)
  • HERO-401 Champions GM Screen and Accessories ($5 PDF)
  • HERO-500 HERO System Rulesbook ($10 PDF)
  • DOJ-HERO-103 Hero System Resource Kit ($5 PDF)
  • DOJ-HERO-109 Hero System 5E Revised ($20 PDF)

I don't own Champions 1E or Haymaker Archives. I do own Adventurers Club but not in PDF. So $55 for stuff I don't own, $95 for stuff I don't own in PDF. Current bundle price $28.

$28 to get stuff I don't own at half price. It's tempting. I guess the big question is if I want a bunch of APA material when there is so much official HERO stuff out there.