Kevin C. Wong

HOA Annual Meeting (10/05/20)

Short (45 min) meeting since this only annual meeting, not a combined annual/regular meeting.


  • David
  • Marcyl (treasury)
  • Roger (president)
  • Teresa
  • Pat (secretary)

Agenda items

  • Counting ballots
  • Special assessment mailings went out, first payment due Dec 01, $100 penalty
  • Dues: no increase for 2019, 2020, probably one for 2021
  • Reserve at $757k (41%), by end of year probably 80% with first special assessment payments
  • Manor: New HOA management company
  • Roof replacement complete though lots of little bits of damage and imperfections to fix
  • EV charging stations: PG&E fell through (they ran out of funds), investigating with Peninsula Clean Energy.
  • Spa room being converted to exercise room.
  • Elevator: board has chosen KONE (our current maintenance provider) to do elevator replacement.

Resident questions

  • Talk about 217 who buys lots of things but takes forever to pick them up from the package rack.
  • Front door: Vortex reviewed doors - they are misaligned and hydraulic mechanism needs replacement. San Mateo Locks replaced lock with a heavy duty one; old one was worn.
  • St Matthews door: San Mateo Locks says mechanism needs replacement to keep from banging.
  • Door between 105/106 sometimes lock gets stuck open so door won't close unless you use bar to lower lock. Same for door in lobby next to mailboxes.

Other matters

  • IRS resolution 7604 - excess funds from one year can be rolled over to next year, must be authorized by membership.
  • Thanks to Pat (outgoing board member) for all her help
  • Next regular meeting Oct 26


  • Board Election: Marcyl 28, Andrew 23, Kevin 16
  • IRS 7604: 26 approved, 16 abstained, 9 nays