Kevin C. Wong

Bundle of Holding - The Dracula Dossier

Dracula Dossier Bundle is based on Pelgrane Press' Night's Black Agents RPG, a game about Cold War era spies battling vampires. There were not that many supplements released for it and The Dracula Dossier set makes up the majority.

Night's Black Agents

  • PELG-N01 Night's Black Agents RPG ($25 pdf) - base RPG

The Dracula Dossier

  • PELG-N05 Director's Handbook ($25 pdf) - main campaign
  • PELG-N06 Dracula Unredacted ($20 pdf) - the novel Dracula with extra margin material by Kenneth Hite, sort of like a huge clue book for PCs
  • PELG-N07 The Dracula Dossier Card Deck ($15 pdf) - 52 NPC picture cards
  • PELG-N08 The Edom Field Manual ($9 pdf) - sourcebook for a UK-based secret agency
  • PELG-N09 The Edom Files ($17 pdf) - Eight one-shot adventures set in the Dracula Dossier universe
  • PELG-N10 The Hawkins Papers ($17 pdf) - lots of handouts
  • PELG-N11 The Thrill of Dracula ($7 pdf) - Kenneth Hite examines the history of Dracula in media
  • PELG-Nxx The Van Helsing Letter (free) - Free RPG Day adventure

$32 for $135 of stuff (though the MSRP is a bit high). Oh, you can get PDF bundles at Pelgrane Press -- N01, N05, N06 for $60 ($10 off); N08, N09, N11 for $31 ($2 off) -- so it's $32 for $123 of stuff. In any case the collection is still definitely worth buying.