Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Oct 10 to Oct 16 2020

Sat Oct 10 2020

Sleep 0500 to 1200. (7 hours)

  • Los Angeles Lakers beat Miami Heat and win the NBA Finals. The whole NBA COVID-19 postseason flew under my radar once the Kings were out.

Sun Oct 11 2020

Sleep 0500 to 1200. (7 hours)

  • 49ers get torched at home losing to Dolphins 43-17.

Mon Oct 12 2020

Sleep 0500 to 1230. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Gotta stop working late Sunday night as it throws off my schedule the rest of the week.

Tue Oct 13 2020

Sleep 0400 to 0930. 1415 to 1615. (7-1/2 hours)

Wed Oct 14 2020

Sleep 0515 to 1045. (5-1/2 hours)

  • I signed up for BallotTrax and received three notifications: when ballot was mailed to me, when I mailed ballot back, when my ballot was received. Pretty cool.

Thu Oct 15 2020

Sleep 0615 to 1200.

  • Dentist for cleaning. I was late and apparently missed the messages saying Chris was sick. Luckily Dr. Dowd had free time and did the cleaning himself. He's a bit out of practice.
  • Picked up a couple medium stuffed pizzas from Zachary's. Got there a little early and waited in the car. Hot day.

Fri Oct 16 2020

Sleep 0430 to 1215. (7-3/4 hours)

  • We have a yearly employee survey. I think this year it's been tougher with COVID-19. My biggest complaint is lack of hard drive space in our environment. I probably wasted several days per year managing my space (spending time to clean things up to free up space or swapping environments in and out instead of having multiple environments available simultaneously). I mean it's not going to change as developer lost productivity is hard to quantify.