Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Dec 12 to Dec 18 2020

Sat Dec 12 2020

Sleep 0500 to 1100. 1 hour nap. (7 hours)

  • We skipped DDO last night and again tonight. Gave me a chance to relax and watch 1917.

Sun Dec 13 2020

Sleep 0430 to 1230. 1815 to 1915. (9 hours)

  • 49ers lose again with Mullens giving up a couple of turnovers for TDs. Now 5-8.

Mon Dec 14 2020

Sleep 0330 to 0415. 1030 to 1500. (5-1/4 hours)

  • Electoral College certified Biden's victory.

Tue Dec 15 2020

Sleep 0230 to 1130. (9 hours)

  • Installed Steam on a Win 7 CrossOver bottle then used Steam to install Serial Cleaner. Wasn't accepting keyboard input and not sure if anything I did changed anything but after a couple of restarts it started working. Have played 10 levels and it works fine.

Wed Dec 16 2020

Sleep 0600 to 1400. (8 hours)

  • County to go on lockdown at Dec 17 2359 for 3 weeks. I wasn't visiting family anyways and we're still work from home at Oracle. So the effect for me is can't dine at a restaurant or getting a haircut.

Thu Dec 17 2020

Sleep 0200 to 0345.

  • Bundle of Holding: Savage Explorer Essentials. It's for the previous version of Savage Worlds and lots of supplements plus four settings. But lack of adventures so I'll pass.
  • Bundle of Holding: Savage Rifts. Palladium's Rifts setting adapted to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. More supplements made for Rifts than I expected but only one adventure in the bundle. I think I'll pass on this too.
  • Bundle of Holding: Modern Age and the Expanse RPG. The basics are Modern Age RPG and the advanced is Expanse RPG, which is standalone and does not require Modern Age. I'm not really in the mood to buy an RPG I don't need to get to the good stuff.

Fri Dec 18 2020

Sleep 0345 to 1130.

  • Since we made our milestone working the last six-plus weekends we get four extra days off and then winter break.
  • I do have one task left which I'll probably do Sunday.
  • So for my DDO expansion purchase you have to enter the key in the in-game DDO store. Latest expansion and newer will auto-register based on your logged-in store account at time of purchase.