Kevin C. Wong

Updating Steam Wish List

Since it's Christmas it's time to update my Steam Wishlist. There's also having a sale so I'll try to keep to a few $10 and under games.

Particle Fleet: Emergence ($1.50, 90% off) Design particle-based ships and fight them out in a physics simulator.

Battlevoid: Harbinger ($2, 80% off) Somewhat like FTL but you control a small fleet instead of one ship.

Undertale ($4, 60% off) RPG. I saw Dexbonus play this through twice (I think first time you beat it you're allowed to redo it and play it totally differently).

West of Loathing ($6.50, 40% off) Stick figure wild west RPG.

Bomber Crew ($3, 80% off) Cartoony simulator. Assemble a bomber crew and have them survive missions.