Kevin C. Wong

DriveThruRPG September Settings Sale: Fey Folk

DTRPG Fey Folk sale is a bit of a weird one. There are few faerie RPGs outside Changeling but a lot of RPGs have one or three supplements with faerie. I looked through the whole list and found a couple of interesting ones.

Apparently, Bluebeard's Bride, which I own, has these supplements:

MGP-D07 Tarot of Servants (33% off, $2) - for generating servants on-the-fly
MGP-020 Book of Rooms (33% off, $9.37) - detailed room descriptions, including drawings
MGP-023 Book of Lore (33% off, $9.37) - 98-page novella
MGP-025 Book of Mirrors (33%, $9.37) - variants for playing BB's Bride in different settings

The first two would help running the main adventure. The other two are even more optional. There's a cheaper bundle with the main book plus three book supplements for $33.

The other thing is White Wolf Magazine #17 for $0.66 (33% off). Which reminds me that you can buy a lot of the WW magazines for $1 or $2 each so that's something to buy someday sale or no sale (no bundle sadly).