Kevin C. Wong

Traveller Imperium Tour Bundle

Bundle of Holding's Traveller Imperium Tour is almost all material you get with the Classic Traveller CD-ROM from Far Future Enterprises except the CD-ROM contains far more material. I guess in this bundle you get an updated scan of the LBBs, some starship deckplans from the late Loren K Wiseman, and some fan Traveller background material. I think I'd recommend the CD-ROM and buying the extra stuff yourself.

  • Classic Traveller Facsimile Edition ($4) - A new scan of the 1981 Traveller RPG (three little black books) with and without OCR.
  • The Traveller Book ($15) - The 1982 Traveller RPG in one book.
  • The Traveller Adventure ($15) - To go along with the 1982 Traveller there is this one big-book campaign.
  • Traveller Starship Plans ($20) - PDF deck plans from Loren K Wiseman for 20-ton Launch, 30-ton Slow Boat, 30-ton Ship's Boat, 40-ton Pinnace, 40-ton Slow Pinnace and 600-ton Subsidized Liner. These were sold independently.
  • S12 Forms and Charts ($4) - A Traveller supplement with just what it says: lots of different blank forms and charts.
  • Classic Traveller Orientation Pack ($1) - Several fan-books with an introduction, detailed timeline, and errata. Not new material but more like fans compiling material from lots of official sources.
  • Alien Modules ($80) - AM modules 1-8: Aslan, K'kree, Vargr, Zhodani, Droyne, Solomani, Hivers, Darrians.
  • Third Imperium Guides ($70) - M modules 1-5: Tarsus, Beltstrike, The Spinward Marches Campaign, Alien Realms, Atlas of the Imperium.