Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Oct 30 to Nov 05 2021

Sat Oct 30 2021

Sleep 0330 to 0730, 0930 to 1330. (8 hours)

  • Finally got a haircut after about two years.
  • KFC for dinner.

Sun Oct 31 2021

Sleep 0200 to 1000. (8 hours)

  • Cleaned master bath sinks. It is kind of nice looking at it and not seeing them covered in mold.

Mon Nov 01 2021

Sleep 2330 to 0400. 1600 to 1830. (7 hours)

  • 49ers win at Chicago. QB Jimmy G has a really good game although had 0 passing TDs and 2 rushing TDs which doesn't help his fantasy teammates. So far still not regretting I dropped him for QB Ben Roethlisberger who had a steady game and what you want from a QB3.

Tue Nov 02 2021

Sleep 0200 to 1100. (9 hours)

  • Fantasy team is 5-3, tied for 3rd place out of 10 teams. #2 offense, #4 defense. This week could be rough as my bench is empty (other than Roethlisberger) and have five Questionable starters (i.e. may or may not play). Luckily no Thursday game so I have until Sat to see if the health picture clears.

Wed Nov 03 2021

Sleep 2200 to 0130. 0630 to 1000. (7 hours)

  • Apparently Warehouse 23 store credit expires. Another win for California since gift cards can't expire here and I would assume store credit too. Seems a bit shady that you can give companies money for credit then expires. It's free money for the companies.

Thu Nov 04 2021

Sleep 0330 to 0830. 1230 to 1430. (7 hours)

  • Emailed W23 support. They restored my remaining store credit but it expires end of this month. They mentioned that in the FAQ it says gift cards must be redeemed for store credit within one year. But after that no mention when store credit expires.

Fri Nov 05 2021

Sleep 2300 to 0200. 0700 to 1230. (8-1/2 hours)

  • W23 account shows another $185 in credit. When I sent the support email I started with $338 credit I got when Pyramid v3 was discontinued. But I vaguely recall I did have credit before that though don't recall from where. Oh well, after spending $95 I still have $275 in credit.
  • Used the chat to cancel my Xfinity account. The retention pitch is not such a hard sell since I have a bit more time to think. It came down to if Xfinity had Fiber in my neighborhood maybe I'd reconsider.