Kevin C. Wong

Mothership Product List

I'm thinking of getting the Mothership KS and my process involves doing more research. This post is about what products exist for Mothership.

MRPG-PSG Player's Survival Guide ($15 print+pdf, $0 pdf) - 44-page core rules
MRPG-WOM Warden's Operations Manual
MRPG-UCR Unconfirmed Contact Reports

MRPG-A01 The Hacker's Handbook ($5 print+pdf, $2 pdf) - 2-page supplement on hacking
MRPG-A02 The Conversion Kit ($?) - conversion kit to bring Mothership 0e campaigns to 1e

MRPG-HM01 Hive Mind #1 ($0 pdf) - 40-page community 'zine with different themed lists of ideas

MRPG-M1 Dead Planet ($15 print+pdf, $8 pdf) - 48-page supplement with misc content
MRPG-M2 A Pound of Flesh ($15 print+pdf, $8 pdf) - 48-page supplement for creating a black market
MRPG-M3 Gradient Descent ($15 print+pdf, $8 pdf) - 64-page dungeon

MRPG-S01 The Haunting of Ypsilon 14 ($5 print+pdf, $2 pdf) - 2-page adventure with three audio files
MRPG-S02 Hideo's World ($5 print+pdf, $2 pdf) - 2-page adventure with audio background music
MRPG-S03 Terminal Delays at Anarene's Folly ($2 pdf) - 2-page adventure with audio file
MRPG-S04 Chromatic Transference ($2 pdf) - 2-page adventure
MRPG-S05 Piece by Piece ($2) - 2-page adventure
MRPG-S06 Cryonambulism ($2?) - 2-page? adventure (not released yet)

And now after researching maybe not as interested. With only one adventure module I'd find it hard to run a varied campaign. I did download and read the PSG -- it's a very well-done book with a fairly tight system and very OSR so not really innovative other than great presentation.