Kevin C. Wong

Bundle of Holding - Tribe 8

There's a new edition of Tribe 8 in development so I guess it's time for the Tribe 8 Bundle of Holding. This bundle is for 1st edition with the old Silhouette system which I recall I did not like after reading Heavy Gear RPG.

DP9-801 Tribe 8 Rulebook 1E (1998)
DP9-802 Vimary Sourcebook (1998)
DP9-804 Children of Lilith (2000)
DP9-805 Tribe 8 Companion (1999)
DP9-806 Horrors of the Z'Bri (1999)
DP9-807 Into the Outlands (1999)
DP9-808 Word of the Pillars (1999)
DP9-809 Trial by Fire (1999)
DP9-812 Word from the North (1999)
DP9-813 Warrior Unbound (2000)
DP9-814 Word of the Fates (2000)
DP9-815 Broken Pact (2000)
DP9-818 Word of the Dancers (2001)
DP9-820 Adrift on the River of Dream (2001)
DP9-825 Tribe 8 Player's Handbook 1E (2002)

There are 24 Tribe 8 1E books so the 15 here is 2/3rds. $23 for the set is really good. This is the second time the bundle has been offered and includes 8 more books than the first time, so I guess if it's offered again it'll contain pretty much all the books in 1E. So I'll wait.

The other 1st edition products:

DP9-800 Tribe 8 RPG Demo Game (2001) - 1-page intro
DP9-802 Weaver's Screen and Assistant (1998)
DP9-810 Book of Legends (1999)
DP9-811 Tribe 8 Map Pack (2000) - 10 maps in an envelope
DP9-816 Vimary Burns (2000)
DP9-817 Harvest of Thorns (2001)
DP9-819 Revanche (2001)
DP9-821 Liberation (2001)
DP9-822 Capal Book of Days (2002)