Kevin C. Wong

Bundle of Holding - Wyrd Breach

Wyrd Breach is a bundle for Through the Breach RPG (Wild West + Cthulhu). It's the 2nd edition rules (fully compatible with 1st edition so all 1E supplements and adventures were not updated) plus all the supplements, a few adventure modules (Penny Dreadfuls) and a few short adventures (Penny Dreadful One-Shots).

WYR-30104 Into the Steam (2015)
WYR-30105 Under Quarantine (2016)
WYR-30106 Into the Bayou (2016)
WYR-30107 Through the Breach: Core Rules 2E (2017)
WYR-30108 Above the Law (2018)
WYR-xxxxx From Nightmares (2021)

Penny Dreadfuls

WYR-30206 Fire in the Sky (2018)
WYR-30207 A Stitch in Time (2018)
WYR-30209 The Obsidian Gate (2019)
WYR-xxxxx Days Without Accident (2020)

Penny Dreadful One-Shots

Bubbling Up From Below (2019)
The Iktomi Shuffle (2020)
Jurassic Faux (2017)
The Show Must Go On (2018)
Silurid Showdown (2019)
Uncontainable (2020)

What's missing is the 1E rules and a bunch of adventures. On DriveThruRPG the one-shots are $5 and adventures are $10 to $15 all regular price. I like that the bundle has all existing rules and supplements and enough adventures for a campaign.

Other Products:

WYR-30101 The Fate Master's Almanac (2014) [replaced by Through the Breach 2E]
WYR-30102 The Fated Almanac (2013) [replaced by Through the Breach 2E]
WYR-30403 The Fatemaster's Kit (2014)

Penny Dreadfuls

WYR-30201 In Defense of Innocence (2015)
WYR-30202 Northern Aggression (2015)
WYR-30204 Nythera (2016)
WYR-30205 The Bayou Games (2016)
WYR-30208 Northern Sedition (2018)
A Night in Rottenburg (2016)

Penny Dreadfuls One-Shots

Bad Blood (2015)
The Ferryman (2015)
In the Gutter (2015)
Legacy of Darkness (2015)
Night of the Carver (2015)
Recruitment Drive (2015) [Free RPG Day 2015]

Bad Moon Rising (2016)
Child of Flame (2016)
Dirty Deeds (2016)
Ghost House (2016)
Honor Among Thieves (2016)
Last Remains (2016)
Madman, Interrupted (2016)
A Malifaux Christmas Carol (2016)
No Strings Attached (2016)
Sixteen Tons (2016)

Earthly Desires (2017) [Free RPG Day 2017]
The Hand That Feeds (2017)
Heart of Darkness (2017)
'Til Death Do Us Part (2017)

The Badlands Invitational (2018)

The House That December Built (2019)

The Dead Tide (2020)
Into the Logic Engine (2020)
A Night in Hallow (2020)
Voyage to the Moon (2020)

Beneath the Baumwood (2021)
Price of Progress (2021)