Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Dec 25 to Dec 31 2021

Sat Dec 25 2021

Sleep 0245 to 1015. (7-1/2 hours)

  • Christmas! CW3 gave me a turtle dice bag. Dad and mom gave me money. Dave W bought me some Steam games.

Sun Dec 26 2021

Sleep 0200 to 1000. (8 hours)

  • Drove home from parents. At times fairly rainy. Only saw one accident and passed another which I didn't see but Apple Maps said it was there.

Mon Dec 27 2021

Sleep 2300 to 0800. (9 hours)

  • It's so cold. Makes me not in the mood to do anything. Winter Break starts out badly.

Tue Dec 28 2021

Sleep 2330 to 0400, 0500 to 0900. (8-1/2 hours)

  • Went to DMV to have my identity verified for Real ID. Was worried that printed copies of my bills wouldn't work but they accepted it so I'll be getting a Real ID in a few weeks.
  • There were a dozen people in line but an appointment gets you to cut the line. Then you get a number and go sit waiting to be called. After verifying and paying for the ID you go to another line for photos (there was one person in front of me). All in all took about an hour.

Wed Dec 29 2021

Sleep 0000 to 0800. (8 hours)

  • Setup this Hue Light Switch I bought when I moved in like three years ago. It's a five minute process but I would always think about doing it but then forgetting to do it. It's set up to control the living room and computer area lights.

Thu Dec 30 2021 Sleep 0230 to 1030. (8 hours)

  • Epic Game store really slow today, I think because they're giving away the last three Tomb Raider games.
  • Been trying to figure out why VMWare Fusion with guest macOS 10.5.5 (security update) and alter the keyboard and mouse stop working. Spent most of a day and still can't solve it. Guess we'll again some day.
  • The reason I was using VMWare is I wanted to download the macOS installers since the old ones have expired certificates. But here's a page that points to MDS, an app that will (among many other things) will download the installers for you.

Fri Dec 31 2021

Sleep 0130 to 11:00. (10-1/2 hours)

  • Finally catalog and rearranged my military history/fiction bookshelf. The objective is to not have any more mil his/fic books than I can fit in the bookshelf and right now not much space left (even using the top as a shelf) so might not have room after I finish my pile of unread books.