Kevin C. Wong

Bundle of Holding - Stars Without Number Revised

Stars Without Number is an OSR RPG starting with Basic D&D and adding science fiction stuff, some of which is from Traveller. The concept is interesting so I was probably going to buy the bundle even before looking at its contents. For $22 we get:

Polychrome (2011) [$5] - cyberpunk supplement
Skyward Steel (2011) [$10] - Navy supplement
Suns of Gold: Merchant Campaigns for Stars Without Number (2013) [$10]
Dead Names: Lost Races and Forgotten Ruins (2014) [$10] - supplement for creating dead civilizations
Starvation Cheap (2015) [$13] - military supplement
Sixteen Stars (2017) [$7] - 16 locations with adventure seeds
Stars Without Number: Revised Edition (2018) [$20]
Stars Without Number: Revised GM Screen (2018) [$5]

No adventures but on reading reviews SWN is more toolkit and sandbox. Actually Sine Nomine Publishing doesn't seem to do adventures (there is one), though there are 3rd party publishers that do them. It would be nice to have a few adventures or a campaign. On the other hand it's $22 for $80 (retail PDF) so a pretty good value.