Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Jan 28 to Feb 03 2023

Sat Jan 28 2023

Sleep 0300 to 1100. 1 hour nap. (9 hours)

  • Did say I was through with Anime Week after watching The Demon Girl Next Door but spent three days watching Cinderella Nine (12 episodes). Glad I continued and watched it.

Sun Jan 29 2023

Sleep 0600 to 1445. (8-3/4 hours)

  • Niners lost to Eagles. Purdy got injured in the first quarter then Johnson got a concussion in 4th quarter and Purdy had to go back in with a bad arm.

Mon Jan 30 2023

Sleep (not sure)

  • I realized that Casa Sanchez tortilla chips go quite well with their avocado salsa. The chips are somewhat salty and the salsa is quite lime-flavored so together it's a pleasing taste. I tried the in-store made tortilla chips which are also pretty good but didn't pair well with the salsa.

Tue Jan 31 2023

Sleep 0345 to 0445, 0700 to 1415. (8-1/2 hours)

  • The CalJobs Background Wizard is hilarious because all it does is cycle through all the sections in pages without any additional help.

Wed Feb 01 2023

Sleep 0245 to 1145. (9 hours)

  • MLS season starts Feb 25 and in the first month each Saturday will have several games free on Apple TV. After that you have to subscribe to MLS season pass ($13/$15 per month or $80/$100 for season). I will try to watch one game per week so four games total.

Thu Feb 02 2023

Sleep 0100 to 0200, 0630 to 1330. (8 hours)

  • Published a résumé on CalJobs (the UI is not great), basically a copy of my v1 (v2 and v3 we're specialized for Oracle and

Fri Feb 03 2023

Sleep 0130 to 0500. 1130 to 1430. (6-1/2 hours)

  • Looking at my investments (Roth IRA, 401k, some company stocks). At the height, Dec 31 2021 it was slightly over $2M worth. At the end of last month it was about $1.75M (13.2% drop). It was worse a couple of months ago and might be worse in two months. Compared to end of 2020 I'm still up 8.5% so being very diversified I'm comfortable leaving my investments (and it's mostly stocks of one kind or another) as is.