Kevin C. Wong

Wheel of Time and More Dynamite Bundle

Humble Bundle for Dynamite Wheel of Time comics and other comics. For $18 you get:

Interesting Comics

Swords of the Swashbucklers (1985) - TPB of a 12-issue series about a teen girl who ends up becoming a member of a space pirate crew.

Swashbucklers: The Saga Continues (2018) - TPB of a 5-issue sequel series

Jungle Girl Omnibus (2007) - This is the 2020 "Complete" Omnibus with Jungle Girl s1-3 (2007-2015). I have the older Omnibus which only has s1-2.

Savage Tales (2017) #1-10 - Resurrecting the Savage Tales anthologies brand from Marvel Comics. The old series featured at least one Conan story (or part of a story) per issue. This one features Red Sonja instead.

Savage Tales: Vampirella OS (2018) - a Vampirella story with swords and sorcery motif.

Savage Tales OS (2022) - A one-shot of four stories.

Savage Tales: Winter Special OS (2022) - A one-shot of four stories.

Athena (2009) [OWN] - TPB of a 4-issue series. The goddess Athena is reborn in the modern world.

The Complete Alice in Wonderland (2009) [OWN] - TPB of a 4-issue adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and the Lost chapter.

Legendary Tailspinners (2010) - TPB of a 3-issue series. In a world where fairy tales have died out a young woman is visited by Baron Munchausen and taken on a series of fairy-tale adventures.

Prophecy (2012) - TPB of a 7-issues series. Dynamite crossover series with Vampirella, Red Sonja, Eva (Dracula's daughter), Athena (the goddess reborn) and others.

Damsels (2012) v1 - TPB of issues 1-8. Various fairy tale princesses band together for an adventure.

Damsels (2012) v2 - TPB of issues 9-13.

Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure (2014) [OWN] - TPB of a 7-issue series. Re-casting Dynamite heroes and heroines in a steampunk world.

Legenderry Green Hornet (2015) - TPB of a 5-issue series.

Legenderry Vampirella (2015) [OWN] - TPB of a 5-issue series.

Precinct (2015) - TPB of a 5-issue series. Police procedural set in the Legenderry universe (I think). A veteran cop and a lady alchemist team up to solve a crime.

Lords of the Jungle (2016) - TPB of a 6-issue series. Tarzan and Sheena team-up story.

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (2017) v1 - TPB of Sheena (2017) issues 0-5. "In this riveting relaunch, the guardian of the jungle, SHEENA, pursues a mysterious invader that has come to spy on the Amazon's most ancient secrets"

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (2017) v2 - TPB of issues 6-10. End of series until relaunch in 2021.

Robots vs Princesses (2018) - TPB of a 4-issue series. "When plucky Princess Zara stumbles upon the Decimator defector Wheeler, she sets in motion events that will pit the spritely cleverness of fairy tale princesses against the raw power of giant robots!"

Other Comics

Street Magick GN (2006) - "New York is a place of magik; not the fairy tale kind, but hard magik, dangerous magik - Street Magik"

Warlord of Mars Omnibus v1 (2010) - collects issues 1-8. Earthman John Carter ends up on Mars and has adventures.

Lord of the Jungle v1 (2011) - TPB of issues 1-8. Tarzan in his original form based on the original stories so a bit more graphic than present Tarzan depictions.

Lord of the Jungle v1 (2011) - TPB of issues 9-15.

Thunda (2012) - TPB of a 5-issue series. After a helicopter crash an amnesiac special forces soldier who wakes up in a lost world of dinosaurs.

Lords of Mars (2013) - TPB of a 6-issue series. Tarzan and John Carter team up adventure.

The Greatest Adventure (2017) - TPB of a 9-issue series featuring a bunch of Edgar Rice Burroughs characters (e.g. Tarzan and John Carter).

Wheel of Time: New Spring (2005) #1-8 - adaptation of the prequel novel/series.

Wheel of Time (2010) #1-35. The complete series. (Humble Bundle lists issue #1.5 as a separate entry. Also mis-listed Legendary Tailspinners as Legenderry Tailspinners. Editing budget non-existent.)

Even though I already own some of this I guess there's enough interesting stuff to buy for $18.