Kevin C. Wong

Diary - Aug 26 to Sep 01 2023

Sat Aug 26 2023

Sleep 0600 to 1415. (8-1/4 hours)

  • DDO: Mark of Death raid. Legendary Tempest's Spine raid. For the latter we paused 15m as I had to exit and get items to get my strength up to 45 for a required lever (we don't have any Fighter types in our party).

Sun Aug 27 2023

Sleep 0430 to 1215. (7-3/4 hours)

  • C3 and I went to Woo's house to celebrate Jonathan's birthday.
  • I got a bit car sick on the way there and was not feeling well until late that night.

Mon Aug 28 2023

Sleep 0315 to 11:15. (8 hours)

  • Recent Twitch admin update broke scrolling up user message history on Firefox. Checked Chrome and it works fine. Guess they don't test much on Firefox.

Tue Aug 29 2023

Sleep 0515 to 1215. (7 hours)

  • Found these reimagined maps of Quasqueton (the dungeon of B1 In Search of the Unknown). Really nice and more like a D&D 3E map. I think I'll use this map as it's easier to map with -- the original map has lots of secret areas you can find if you map exactly whereas the Return maps remove all that except in a couple of cases.

Wed Aug 30 2023

Sleep 0200 to 1100. (9 hours)

  • C3 dinner. Corina is in Bakersfield this week. CSr had to take CJr to a Scouts picnic and I tagged along. Sort of an intro/recruitment picnic at Beresford Park. CJr looks sharp in his Webelos uniform though he quickly got bored so we left after the speeches.

Thu Aug 31 2023

Sleep 0545 to 1345. (8 hours)

  • I thought New Amsterdam had only like two seasons but apparently it had five. I really liked it but season 2 was a cliffhanger and then I thought the series had been cancelled. Anyways now on Netflix so I'll to try watching it all the way through.

Fri Sep 01 2023

Sleep 0630 to 1300. (6-1/2 hours)

  • C2 vacation in Spain starts next Saturday and they'll be gone about 10 days.