Kevin C. Wong

Tales from Wales Interactive Game Bundle

Wales Interactive makes filmed story games that are pretty much choose-your-own-adventure style decisions without the gonzo plot turns. These games are all macOS compatible 64-bit games. Tales from Wales Interactive bundle for $10 you get six titles and two modest coupons for two other titles.

The Bunker (2016, $15) - "The Bunker is an award-winning interactive psychological horror movie. You are John, born underground the day the bombs fell, now alone and trying to survive."

Late Shift (2017, $15) - "Late Shift is a high stakes FMV crime thriller. Forced into a brutal London heist..."

The Complex (2020, $15) - "After a major bio-weapon attack on London, two scientists find themselves in a locked-down laboratory with time, and air, running out."

Five Dates (2020, $15) - "Five Dates is an interactive rom-com about the unpredictable world of digital dating. With five potential female matches, Vinny explores whether compatibility, chemistry and connection is still possible in a world where physical touch is no longer an option."

Blood Shore (2021, $15) - "Bloodshore is an interactive action movie about a televised battle royale between high-profile streamers, entertainers and death row inmates. You control the fate of Nick, a washed-up actor who fights for a life-changing cash prize."

Mia and the Dragon Princess (2023, $15) - "A live-action, interactive action movie following Mia, a plucky barmaid whose life is thrown into chaos when a mysterious woman turns up at her workplace, on the run from a group of violent thugs and unable to speak English."

For $10 I think this is a worthwhile bundle.