Kevin C. Wong

Delta Green Mega Bundle

Another Delta Green bundle so let's see if we want to buy it this time. For $40 you get PDF versions of:

Delta Green Agent's Handbook ($20) - Players book
Delta Green Handler's Guide ($30) - GM book

The Complex ($10) - "The Complex presents 21 current dossiers for federal agencies and important contractors to enhance your Delta Green campaign. Each dossier describes the entity's budget, operatives, organizational structure and history, mandate, areas of friction with other agencies, suggested professions for Delta Green agents, and what it's like to work there."

Agent Dossiers ($3) - "Agent Dossiers collects 41 pre-written character sheets, one for every profession described in the Agent's Handbook of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, plus all the professions added in The Complex."

Delta Green: The Conspiracy ($25) - A sourcebook of 1990's era Delta Green (the original was written in 1997, this version is the same 1990's era info updated with 2020 hindsight).

Delta Green: The Labyrinth ($25) - "...this all-new collection of organizations presents ready-made sources of allies, enemies, mysteries, and surprises for your Delta Green campaign..."

Iconoclasts ($20) - 206-page, 5-adventure campaign set in Mosul, Iraq.

Impossible Landscapes ($38) - "Impossible Landscapes is a 368-page campaign for Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game. Four operations sprawl across decades and the immeasurable stretches of nightmare."

ARCHINT ($5) - "Delta Green deals in older secrets. It needs archeological intelligence. ARCHINT: a study of appalling dangers left in hidden places." A collection of items/locations.

Delta Green Handler's Screen ($10)

So we get the two rulebooks, 2 campaign books with 9 adventures, and maybe The Conspiracy if you want to set a campaign in the 1990's and the rest are ephemera.

Somewhat tempting but it's not making me go "must have this!".