Kevin C. Wong

Trail of Cthulhu Book Bundle

Humble Bundle's Trail of Cthulhu Book Bundle gives you a bunch of RPG goodness of the soon to be obsolete RPG because Trail of Cthulhu 2nd edition has been announced for a KS this November. It's a lot of stuff though omits the purist adventures, Cthulhu Apocalypse, and a few adventures.

I own some of the PDFs, especially older versions that were reprinted as compilations, although I don't own the core rules in PDF. And I probably still have a lot of the early print products but not PDFs. So this bundle is still mostly useful. I'm mostly worried that since it doesn't have everything there maybe a future bundle that includes everything so I'd be buying it again. Still I guess $18 is too low to pass up.

$18 gives you:

PELG-T01 Trail of Cthulhu (2008)
PELG-T02 Stunning Eldritch Tales (2008) - four pulp adventures
PELG-T04 Keeper's Screen and Resource Book (2008)
PELG-T05 Four Shadows: Music for Trail of Cthulhu (music, 2008, OWN)
PELG-T06 Shadows Over Filmland (2009) - twelve scenarios with movie industry themes
PELG-T08X Arkham Detective Tales: Extended Edition (2010) - five adventures
PELG-T09 Rough Magicks (2009) - magic supplement
PELG-T10 The Armitage Files (2010) - supplement of 10 mysterious documents which lead to PC-initiated adventures
PELG-T16 Bookhounds of London (2010, OWN) - campaign frame, not a campaign nor adventures
PELG-T17 Eternal Lies Suite (2010) - atmospheric music
PELG-T20 The Book of Smoke (2011) - a book-length prop for Bookhounds of London
PELG-T22 Out of Time (2011) - compilation of T12, T13, T15, T18
PELG-T30 Out of Space (2013) - compilation of T23, T25, T26, T27, T28
PELG-T32 Dulce et Decorum Est: Great War Trail of Cthulhu (2014) - a set of adventures set during WWI
PELG-T34 Eternal Lies (2013) - campaign
PELG-T36 Soldiers of Pen and Ink (2014) - campaign set during the Spanish Civil War
PELG-T37 Mythos Expeditions (2014) - ten adventures set in frontier spaces (islands, Arctic, jungles, war zones)
PELG-T38 Dreamhounds of Paris (2014) - campaign guide to the Dreamlands
PELG-T39 The Book of Ants (2014) - book-length prop for Dreamhounds of Paris
PELG-T43 Out of the Woods (2017) - five not-previously-published adventures
PELG-T44 Cthulhu City (2017) - supplement/campaign setting set in a twisted/inverted New England
PELG-T47 Hideous Creatures (2018) - collects and expands on the monsters from Ken Writes About Stuff monthly series

Other products not in the bundle but reprinted in the bundle

PELG-T03 Trail of Cthulhu: Player's Guide (2007, OWN) - player material excerpted fromT01
PELG-T08 Arkham Detective Tales (2009) - reprinted and expanded in T08X
PELG-T12 Castle Bravo (2010, OWN) - part of T22 Out of Time
PELG-T13 The Black Drop (2010, OWN) - part of T22 Out of Time
PELG-T15 Not So Quiet (2010, OWN) - part of T22 Out of Time
PELG-T18 The Big Hoodoo (2011, OWN) - part of T22 Out of Time
PELG-T23 Repairer of Reputations (2011, OWN) - part of T30 Out of Space
PELG-T25 Many Fires (2011, OWN) - part of T30 Out of Space
PELG-T26 Hell Fire (2011, OWN) - part of T30 Out of Space
PELG-T27 Flying Coffins (2012, OWN) - part of T30 Out of Space
PELG-T28 RMS Titanic: The Millionaire's Special (2012, OWN) - part of T30 Out of Space

Other products not in the bundle

Purist Adventures - purer to Lovecraft's stories, i.e. every PC is expected to die except for maybe one mad survivor

PELG-T05 The Dying of St Margaret's (2009, OWN) - Purist adventure #1
PELG-T11 The Watchers in the Sky (2010, OWN) - Purist adventure #2
PELG-T14 The Dance in the Blood (2010, OWN) - Purist adventure #3
PELG-T21 The Rending Box (2011, OWN) - Purist adventure #4
PELG-T33 The Final Revelation (2013) - compilation of T05, T11, T14, T21

Cthulhu Apocalypse - the world ended in 1936...

PELG-T19 The Dead White World (2011, OWN) - Cthulhu Apocalypse campaign, adventures 1-5
PELG-T24 The Apocalypse Machine (2011, OWN) - supplement for Cthulhu Apocalypse
PELG-T31 Slaves of the Mother (2014, OWN) - Cthulhu Apocalypse campaign, adventures 6-8
PELG-T40 Cthulhu Apocalypse (2015) - sandbox setting set post 1936 + reprints T19 and T31 + 8 more adventures

PELG-T29 Sisters of Sorrow (2012, OWN) - adventure set during the Great War
PELG-T41 The Long Con (2015) - London-based adventure
PELG-T42 The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby (2014) - scenario compatible with Bookhounds of London

"With its companion volume, The Book of the New Jerusalem, Fearful Symmetries gives the Keeper guidelines for building an improvised campaign with dangers drawn from English folklore and Mythos abomination."

PELG-T45 Fearful Symmetries (2021)
PELG-T46 The Book of the New Jerusalem (2021)

PELG-TXX The Murderer of Thomas Fell (2008) - Free RPG Day 2008 adventure